Undergraduate student profiles

We asked some of our students and graduates to share their experiences of studying with us, and discover what they're doing now.

Olivia Swarbrick

I get to learn something new every day in my job

Olivia Swarbrick BSc Psychology

Olivia works at consultancy giant, Deloitte as an Oracle Human Capital Management Consultant. Thanks to the research skills she gained at Sheffield, Olivia is able to stay on top of the latest customer trends to be able to come up with the best solutions.

Photo of Bryony Lucas at graduation

I found the huge range of content that we've covered on the course really interesting

Bryony Lucas BSc Psychology

Bryony loved the wide variety of content, covering all the different areas of psychology that she was able to study at Sheffield. By gaining this exposure, Bryony was confident in choosing the modules she would enjoy the most when it came to specialising in third year.

Student Jasmine Shaw

I've loved being able to explore my own interests on the course

Jasmine Shaw BSc Psychology

Jasmine loved being able to explore the areas of psychology she's most interested in during third-year. This meant that she could tailor her studies to both her career aspirations and her preferred learning style. Jasmine hopes to qualify as a Clinical Psychology in the future.

Eva-Sofia Fernandez-Arias

The wide variety of modules allowed me to explore areas I was most interested in

Eva-Sofia Fernandez-Arias Psychology BSc

Eva-Sofia explored areas including memory, sleep and brain imaging during her degree, and now plans to become a cognitive neuroscience researcher.

Photo of student Poppy Webb

My placement year has been the first big stepping stone to becoming a clinical psychologist

Poppy Webb BSc Psychology with Placement Year

Poppy spent her placement year working as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist within the NHS. During her year she got the chance to work one-to-one with clients, formulating and delivering psychological interventions and observing the impact it had on clients. It's this experience that has reaffirmed Poppy's passion for a career in Clinical Psychology.

Photo of Grace Ding

I chose to study Psychology at Sheffield because of the placement opportunities

Grace Ding BSc Psychology with Placement Year

Grace chose to spend a year on a work placement with the NHS as part of her Psychology degree. Working as an Associate Psychologist, Grace has shadowed CBT, Psychodynamic, and occupational therapy sessions, facilitated group therapy sessions, and taken part in home visits.

Harriet Moore

Gaining a year of professional experience in the field I hope to work in was invaluable

Harriet Moore BSc Psychology with Employment Experience

Harriet spent her placement year working as a researcher in the Neurology Department at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Spending a year on placement allowed Harriet to be involved in NHS research into Multiple Sclerosis and gain professional experience in the field that she hopes to work in in the future.

Katrina Bennett

Spending a year on placement gave me a great taste of the world of work

Katrina Bennett BSc Psychology

Katrina chose to spend a year on a work placement as part of her psychology degree, working as a Research Assistant for Hampshire County Council attached to the Educational Psychology department. Although Katrina's career path has changed since then, the work experience she gained proved invaluable in building her confidence to join the world of work.

Charlotte Naylor - Psychology student

I'm now one step closer to becoming a qualified Educational Psychologist

Charlotte Naylor BSc Psychology

Studying psychology helped Charlotte realise that she wanted to pursue a career in this field. Thanks to her experience at Sheffield and related work experience, Charlotte is now studying for a Doctorate of Applied Educational Psychology which will allow her to qualify as an Educational Psychologist after three years.

Sathita Kiangsri sat with her friend

It has only been a few months but Sheffield already feels like home

Sathita Kiangsri BSc Psychology

Sathita was living in Mexico when she came to study Psychology at Sheffield thanks to the International Merit Undergraduate Scholarship, a competitive tuition fee award offered each year to 50 international undergraduate students

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