I've loved being able to explore my own interests on the course

Student Jasmine Shaw
Jasmine Shaw
Came to Sheffield through Clearing
BSc Psychology
Jasmine loved being able to explore the areas of psychology she's most interested in during third-year. This meant that she could tailor her studies to both her career aspirations and her preferred learning style. Jasmine hopes to qualify as a Clinical Psychology in the future.
Student Jasmine Shaw

What made you want to study your course?

I have always wanted to study psychology at university as I want to become a Clinical Psychologist. I took the subject, as well as chemistry and biology, at A Level and it confirmed my love for science.

What made you decide to study at the University of Sheffield?

I applied through Clearing and, when discussing what the university could offer in relation to Clinical Psychology, I decided it was the best fit for me. I also love green spaces for studying and, with Sheffield being a very open and beautiful city, I knew I would love it there.

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?

I have loved being able to explore my own interests in third year; the freedom we have in some of the modules is very inspiring. I also loved the range of modules we could pick from and the ability to choose based on our preferred learning styles (e.g., exam based or coursework based) was very helpful.

What skills have you developed during your course?

My writing has improved a lot since starting my course. I had no idea how to write a scientific paper in first year but over the years my capabilities have been encouraged and rewarded, building my confidence to apply to masters courses in the future.

What would you say to a student thinking about studying your course at Sheffield?

Go for it! (Depending on what your concerns are). My experience has been incredible despite the fact that I applied through clearing, had never even been to Sheffield before moving in September 2019, and had my first and second years disrupted by Covid-19. If you have a real interest in the subject, Sheffield will be able to develop that interest into understanding. If you are not yet sure about the subject, psychology is not a risky course to apply for; there are so many career paths you can follow with a psychology degree and university life will teach you so much about yourself and what you want from life that it will likely be worth it either way.

What are you planning to do after your degree?

Complete a masters course and then hopefully go on to complete a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

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