HELSI Bites: Linguistic Measures for the Detection of Clinical Conditions

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Thursday 7 October 2021
Online event
This is a free online event open to The University of Sheffield staff only. To join the meeting, please click the link. This meeting is hosted on Google Meet.
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Linguistic Measures for the Detection of Clinical Conditions

Presented by Professor Aline Villavicencio, Chair in Natural Language Processing, The Department of Computer Science

Psycholinguistic tests have been traditionally used as one of the ways in which to assess language changes in clinical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease. In this talk I discuss how some recent advances in natural language processing and neural network models can be used to inform the detection of clinical conditions, including one study in particular where these models were used to help distinguishing healthy controls from clinical cases with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Deficits.

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