HELSI Bites: Virtual Biopsy: Fact or Fiction?

Virtual biopsy of a brain

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Monday 17 April 2023
Online Event
Events are free but require registration via the link below. HELSI Bites are 30 minute lunchtime talks (15-18 minute talk & 10 minutes for Q&A), prepared in an engaging & accessible "TED talk" style, suitable for our diverse, cross disciplinary academic audience. They highlight the wealth of expertise amongst our members, and showcase our holistic approach to tackling ageing and extending healthy lifespans.


Presented by Professor Steven Sourbron, Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease

Age, disease and treatments often affect multiple organs to a different degree, but such multi-organ effects are difficult to disentangle in humans. A biopsy can identify local tissue changes with high specificity, but its invasive nature limits the utility in clinical practice, drug development or discovery science. In recent years, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become increasingly quantitative and sensitive to changes caused by fibrosis, inflammation and other hallmarks of disease and aging. This is opening up the exciting possibility of using MRI as a sort of whole-body virtual biopsy, opening up new insights in human multi-morbidity and multi-organ disease by characterising multiple organs simultaneously and repeatedly over time. This talk will illustrate these ideas through examples of clinical research in current areas of interest in Sheffield, such as diabetes, or chronic kidney and liver disease.

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