HELSI Bites: Zebrafish embryos as a tool to study ageing

Image of Zebrafish

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Monday 13 September 2021
Online event
This is a free online event open to The University of Sheffield staff only. To join the meeting, please click the link. This meeting is hosted on Google Meet.
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Zebrafish embryos as a tool to study ageing

Presented by Dr Freek Van Eeden, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Science

I have been using the zebrafish embryo for almost 25 years to study vertebrate development and disease. However studying ageing in embryos can sound like a contradiction. I will discuss the powers and limitations of the zebrafish model system, and present some of our own work on Hypoxia inducible Factor (HIF) and genome stability as factors that may be relevant to ageing.

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