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Sheffield Dermatology Research comprises clinical and non-clinical staff with an interest in inflammatory skin disorders including atopic eczema (dermatitis), psoriasis, alopecia areata and vitiligo. Our research is conducted at the interface between the clinic, academia and industry. Our group has identified genetic variants associated with all of these diseases and is one of the leading groups, internationally, translating basic dermatological science into new treatments for the clinic. Examples include ‘Skin Protease Inhibitors’ and ‘Vitamin A Metabolic Pathway Inhibitors’. In 2001, with help from The Wellcome Trust, the group formed a ‘spin-out’ company called ‘Molecular SkinCare’, with the aim of developing these treatments.

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A current major focus of our unit is the effect of topical pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and oils on the structure and function of the skin barrier. Research in this area comprises investigation of the skin barrier defects associated with skin disorders such as atopic eczema (dermatitis), how skin barrier defects develop and how to treat or repair the skin barrier defect. This includes the determination of the effect of topical agents/products on the skin of volunteers visiting our clinical diagnostic ‘skin laboratory’, where we can measure specific properties of the skin barrier, non-invasively, using an array of specialised equipment. These results are then correlated with variants in the genes that determine the structure and function of the skin barrier.

Coping with eczema: Looking at how to live with the skin condition, eczema.

Could a new drug treatment help those with the condition?

Courtesy of BBC North, Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: Release date: 3 October 2017 (Duration: 10m 15s)

Excema - More than Skin Deep

Eczema - More Than Skin Deep

Together with the BBC we are lifting the lid on living with eczema.

STAR Skin Testing

Skin Testing for Atopic eczema Risk

We are conducting research into skin development from birth.

Skin Wars

Skin Wars – New episode available now

New treatment options for atopic dermatitis.

Seeing is Believing

Seeing Is Believing

We’re researching new technologies to look inside the skin.

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BOND Study (About Us)

Barrier Optimising skincare for Neonatal Development trial (BOND)

We are conducting research into how different skincare routines can affect skin health in newborn babies.