Scholarship winners profiles

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Youssef Taher Maher ElAshry

youssefWinner of the Middle East & North Africa Merit Undergraduate Scholarship, The Academic Excellence Scholarship , The University Of Sheffield Undergraduate Automatic Sheffield Scholarship

"Don’t be hesitant. Concentrate on your school studies and Sheffield will take care of your university studies and will prepare you well for your professional career through its large variety of studying programs."

Mio Kobayashimio

Winner of a Japanese Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

"I took part in a one-year exchange programme when I was an undergraduate and had so many happy memories of Sheffield so I wanted to come back for a Masters degree. The University is very international which makes me feel at home and welcome and the Students’ Union is amazing! The whole city is very friendly to students, with lots of student offers."

Daniyar Mukitanov

 weareintWinner of a British Chevening Scholarship

"The University of Sheffield is famous for its Students’ Union, which is the best in the UK. It provides students with numerous cultural, educational, entertaining societies, including Kazakh Society, where I am one of the Committee members. Finally Sheffield University holds a highly respectable position in all world rankings, wide connections of the University with employers and enriching and developing research environment."

John Ayadsmall

Winner of a Middle East and North Africa Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

"Choosing the University of Sheffield was a decision fueled by the university’s reputation in two very crucial areas;john It’s academic reputation all over the world and the social activities pushed forward via it’s Student Union which has been voted as the best SU all over the country."

Vanessa Tsz Wing Kamsmall

Winner of an International Baccalaureate Merit Undergraduate Scholarship

"What is more striking is the statement the University’s multitude of international scholarships sends. Few universities in Britain offer as much financial support to international students as Sheffield, and this funnels into the larger multicultural, inclusive ethos of the University —#weareinternational, — a message which resonated at the Scholarship Celebration Evening and pervades throughout campus."

Muhammad Faraz Imam image

Winner of a Pakistan Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

"Companies like Rolls Royce and Siemens have links with the University and the university has a very good administrative system in place. Teaching styles at the University of Sheffield are extraordinary they arrange lot of tutorials and revision classes for the students to have good conceptual grip of their respective modules. Study place like diamond and Information common are open 24/7 to give student access to computers, study spaces and books."

Saylee Jangam saylee

Winner of an India Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

"Sheffield was an obvious choice for me as it offered the best of both worlds: a strong academic and research-led educational reputation as well as a wide range of social activities that I could get involved with through many societies of the Students’ Union.  I had also heard a lot about Careers Service and in my second year, when applying for a Year in Industry, I received a lot of careers support from counsellors and CV experts."

Yu-Shan Wusmall

Winner of the Overseas Excellence Award of Chemical and Process Engineering Department
and the University of Sheffield Taiwan Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

"I really appreciate being awarded a scholarship so that I can fulfill my dream of studying abroad. In addition to strengthening my English, I have also learnt a lot of practical skills which help me prepare for my future career. The scholarships really alleviate my financial burden for studying in the UK."

Muhammad Mohsin Saleem muhammed

Winner of a Pakistan Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

"A city like no other, Sheffield is friendly, beautiful, modern, safe and most of all, one of the cheapest to live in the UK. You might not believe but there are more trees than people in the city making it one of the greenest cities in the UK. This city will undoubtedly provide you with the best chance to explore, discover, make new friends, have fun and be creative. The courses here are designed to inspire and challenge. They are based on the latest developments in research and industry, and prepare you for the professional world."

Vamesh Jajoo vamesh

Winner of an Indian Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

"For me, the scholarship made the Sheffield experience possible. Getting through university can be a huge financial responsibility and winning the scholarship made it viable for me to come here. It is also a huge honour which gives you the motivation to keep going which is especially imperative when the chips are down."