Youssef Taher Maher ElAshry

MEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering with a Year In Industry

Winner of an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship and The Academic Excellence Scholarship


Why Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield has by far one of the best Engineering schools that I came across when researching for universities. Iyoussef was overwhelmed with its labs in which the university has invested a lot, since labs are an integral part of Engineering studies as it allows students to gain hands-on experience. Another reason I chose to came here was because Sheffield is a student-orientated city.

How did you find out about the scholarships on offer?

Through the university’s own representative at the International Universities Fair in Cairo, Egypt.

How did your scholarship impact your Sheffield experience?

The University of Sheffield recognizes high performers for their academic achievements. Such recognition has made me more able to study with peace of mind.

What would you say to others unsure of whether to study at Sheffield?

Don’t be hesitant. Concentrate on your school studies and Sheffield will take care of your university studies and will prepare you well for your professional career through its large variety of studying programs.