9 February 2017

Intergenerational Methods Workshop

The University of Leeds hosted a 'Methodological Issues in Intergenerational Research' workshop on 9 February 2017.

Intergenerational Methods Workshop

This workshop was organised by the AHRC-funded project INTERSECTION (Intergenerational Justice and Sustainability in Comparative Perspective), a multidisciplinary arts and social research collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds.

There has been a substantial recent increase in interest in issues of intergenerationality within geography as well as a range of other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. This one-day event focused on innovative methodological approaches to researching intergenerational relationships (including both familial and extra-familial relationships). Key themes explored by the invited speakers included:

  • Intergenerational theatre and other creative approaches to intergenerational research
  • New approaches to researching questions of intergenerational justice
  • Participatory approaches to fostering intergenerational solidarity and engagement in relation to sustainability
  • Using qualitative secondary analysis for intergenerational research
  • Intergenerational research with refugee families
  • The ethical dilemmas of intergenerational research

Speakers drew on examples from a range of contexts internationally, including the UK, Ireland, China, Uganda, the Philippines, and beyond.

The event was designed to be a relatively small one (35 participants, including the invited speakers) to promote interaction and discussion.

Participants included:

  • Members of the INTERSECTION team (Gill Valentine, Robert Vanderbeck, Kristina Diprose, Chen Liu, Katie McQuaid)
  • Ruth Evans, University of Reading
  • Caleb Johnston, University of Newcastle
  • Gina Porter, University of Durham
  • Michael Richardson, University of Newcastle
  • Anna Tarrant, University of Lincoln

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