A selection of poems and short stories performed at the Write About Time workshop with Helen Mort on 31 July 2016 at Moor Theatre Delicatessen, by people of all ages. These were all written and performed on the day of the workshop, with some people reading aloud in front of an audience (and a video camera!) for the first time.

The workshop activities included sharing time capsule objects, imagining a conversation with someone from a past or future generation, and looking at ways that other writers have explored time in their work.

With thanks to DR Film Productions.

'Stop' by Saara Aziz

'What's Past' by Jim Caruth

'Remembering the ings' by Michelle Cook

'On Doing and Being' by Helen Fauset

'Commitment' by Lucy Hamilton

'First Impression' by Ruth Hudson

'Park Hill' by Claire Walker

The Write About Time workshop was part of INTERSECTION, an arts and social research project about intergenerational justice, consumption and sustainability, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.