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  1. Publications

    This section will be updated periodically with details of published and forthcoming papers, as well as those currently under review.


    • Diprose, K., Fern, R., Vanderbeck, R.M., Chen, L., Liu, C., Valentine, G., and McQuaid, K. (2018) ‘Corporations, consumerism and culpability: sustainability in the British press’. Environmental Communication 12(5) 672-685. DOI 10.1080/17524032.2017.1400455
    • Diprose, K., Liu, C., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Chen, L., McQuiad, K., and Zhang, M. (2017) ‘Contrasting theories of intergenerational justice: Just savings or capabilities’. In Punch, S. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (Eds.) Family, Intergenerationality and Peer Group Relations. Volume 5 of the series Major Reference Work on Geographies of Children and Young People (Series editor: Tracey Skelton). New York: Springer. pp. 1-19. DOI 10.1007/978-981-4585-92-7_20-1
    • Liu, C., Chen, L., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Zhang, M., Diprose, K. and McQuaid, K. (2018) ‘A Chinese route to sustainability: post-socialist transitions and the construction of ecological civilisation’. Sustainable Development. DOI 10.1002/sd.1743 
    • Liu, C., Valentine G., Vanderbeck, R.M., McQuaid, K. and Diprose, K. (2018) 'Placing 'sustainability' in context: Narratives of sustainable consumption in Nanjing, China'. Social and Cultural Geography.
    • McQuaid, K. and Plastow, J. (2017) ‘From research to activism: making theatre and anthropology in Walukuba, Uganda’. Critical Stages: The International Association of Theatre Critics Journal. 15.
    • McQuaid, K. and Plastow, J. (2017) 'Ethnography, applied theatre and stiwanism: Creative methods in search of praxis amongst men and women in Jinja, Uganda'. Journal of International Development. 29(7) 961-980. DOI: 10.1002/jid.3293
    • McQuaid, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Plastow, J. Valentine, G., Liu, C., Chen, L., Zhang, M. and Diprose, K. (2017) ‘Intergenerational Community-Based Research and Creative Practice: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Jinja, Uganda'. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 15(4) 389-410 DOI: 10.1080/15350770.2017.1368357
    • McQuaid, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Liu, C., Chen L., Zhang, M. and Diprose. K. (2018) 'Urban climate change, livelihood vulnerability and narratives of generational responsibility in Jinja', Uganda. Africa 88(1) 11-37 DOI: 10.1017/S0001972017000547


    • Diprose, K., Valentine, G. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2018) 'Taking responsibility: Why we need UK Government leadership on climate change and sustainable development.' Sheffield Solutions policy brief series.  
    • Diprose, K., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Liu, C. and McQuaid, K. (2019) Climate Change, Consumption and Intergenerational Justice: Lived Experiences in China, Uganda and the UK. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

    Under Review

    • Diprose, K., Liu, C., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M. and McQuaid, K. 'Caring for the future: Climate change and intergenerational responsibility in the UK and China.'
    • Diprose, K., Valentine, G., Vanderbeck, R.M., Liu, C. and McQuaid, K. 'Climate change, intergenerational justice and geographies of responsibility'.
    • Diprose, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Liu, C. and McQuaid, K. ‘Building common cause towards sustainable consumption: a cross-generational perspective’.
    • Liu, C., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine G., Chen, L., Diprose, K., McQuaid K., and Zhang M. 'Rural-urban inequality and the practices of promoting sustainability in contemporary China'.
    • McQuaid, K., Vanderbeck, R.M., Valentine, G., Liu, C. and Diprose, K. '‘An elephant cannot fail to carry its own ivory’: Transgenerational ambivalence, infrastructure and sibling support practices in urban Uganda.'

  2. Presentations


    • Valentine, G. and Diprose, K. 'Gender, generations and climate change.' Invited public lecture as part of International Women's History Month, Sheffield Students' Union, 19 March 2018.


    • Valentine, G. (2017) 'Future generations will be "roasted, toasted, fried and grilled": Reflections on climate change and intergenerational justice'. Invited public lecture as part of the 125 Anniversary Lectures, Department of Geography, University of Manchester, UK, 25 October 2017.

    • Valentine,  G. (2017) 'Future generations will be "roasted, toasted, fried and grilled": Reflections on climate change and intergenerational inequalities'. Invited keynote presentation at the 5th International Conference on Geographies of Children, Youth and Families. Loughborough University, UK, 25 September 2017.


    • Valentine, G. (2016) 'Experimenting with Spaces of Encounter: Creative Interventions to Foster Social Transformation'. Invited keynote presentation at the conference Practices of Transformation: The Organised Cultural Encounter, Roskilde University, Denmark, 27 October 2016.

    • Vanderbeck, R. and Valentine, G. (2016) 'Intergenerational Environmental Knowledge Sharing and Creative Practice: reflections from INTERSECTION'. Invited presentation at the conference Subject Formation and Agency in Intergenerational Encounters, University of Tampere, Finland, 7 October 2016.

    • Liu, C. (2016) 'What is to be sustained? A comparative perspective on generations, consumption and socio-cultural sustainability', International Geographical Congress, Beijing, China, 21-25 August 2016.

    • Diprose, K. (2016) 'What is to be sustained? Exploring public discourses of sustainability in advanced and emerging economies', International Sustainable Development Research Society conference on Rethinking Sustainability, Lisbon, Portugal, 13-15 July 2016.

    • Diprose, K. (2016) 'Just saving? Intergenerational justice in theory, public discourse and practice', Social Justice: Building a fairer, more equal society, Worcester, UK, 23-25 June 2016.

    • McQuaid, K. (2016) '"So much has changed that even people have changed themselves": Imaginaries of changing generations and climates in Jinja, Uganda', Anxiety in and about Africa conference, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cambridge, 15 - 16 June 2016.

    • McQuaid, K. (2016) 'Un-imagining the future: Exploring urban imaginaries of climate change in Jinja, Uganda', Royal Anthropological Institute conference on Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change, London, UK. 27-29 May 2016.

    • McQuaid, K. (2016) '"So much has changed that even people have changed themselves": Intergenerational imaginaries of climate change in Jinja, Uganda', Royal Anthropological Institute conference on Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change, London, UK. 27-29 May 2016.

    • Liu, C. (2016) 'Sustaining the Family: Intergenerational Justice, Consumption and Sustainability in Comparative Perspective', International Sociological Association RSA28 Conference on Intergenerational Transfer, Human Capital and Inequality, Singapore, 26-28 May 2016.

    • Diprose, K. (2016) 'Intergenerational solidarity in comparative perspective', Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 30 March 2016.

    • Liu, C. (2016) 'Responsibility to whom? A comparative perspective on consumption and sustainability', Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 29 March 2016.

    • Plastow, J. and McQuaid, K. (2016) 'In search of the Frierean "plenitude of the praxis" of action and reflection for women from Walukuba: thinking through an activist approach using theatre and ethnography', Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) Gender and Sexuality Workshop, Leeds, 14 January 2016.


    • Plastow, J. and McQuaid, K. (2015) 'Generating theatre in Walukuba: Ethnography meets theatre as a community makes art to debate the environmental worlds of a worker’s estate in Uganda', Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) and Workshop Theatre Joint Seminar, Leeds, 9 December 2015.

    • McQuaid, K., and Plastow, J. (2015) 'Generating theatre in Walukuba: A community makes art to debate the environmental world of a worker’s estate in Jinja', The 2nd Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies Conference, Kampala, Uganda. 21 August 2015.

    • Jackson, L. (2015) 'Emotions and the lifecourse: Love, care compassion and the future? Thinking about (inter)generations and sustainability', 5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Edinburgh, 10-12 June 2015.

  3. Related Publications

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