INTERSECTION short films

A collection of short films made by Gravel & Sugar, which show some of the community theatre scenes developed by people of different generations in Jinja, Nanjing and Sheffield in response to the theme of sustainability. A longer documentary about this project, 'Osbomb, Love & Supershop: Performing Sustainable Worlds' can also be viewed here (run time 49 minutes).


A short film introducing the intergenerational community theatre strand of Intersection, and our creative work on sustainability with people in Jinja, Nanjing and Sheffield.

'Tree Cutting' (Jinja, younger group)

This scene shows how many people living in Walukuba, Jinja, have insecure livelihoods and can be driven to illegal activity - cutting down trees for fuel.

'Leisure Activities' (Nanjing, younger group)

This scene shows young people's understandings and imaginations of the lives of middle-aged women in the 1980s, 2010s and 2040s, exploring the changing role and freedom of women in society.

'Sheffield in 2065' (Sheffield, younger group)

In this scene young people imagine life in the future: technological advancement, super-duper trams, 'Siri' personal assistants and farming replaced with laboratory fast food.

'Supershop' (Nanjing, middle-age group) 

This scene is about a 'supershop', which can provide everything to fulfil consumer desires. Middle-age people created this play to warn of the dangers of materialism and overconsumption.

'Notes for the next generation' (Sheffield, middle-age group)

In this scene three women share their advice for the next generation, in the roles of a mother, an older sister, and a teacher.

'Family Planning & HIV' (Jinja, older group)

In Jinja, many myths circulate about the dangers of contraception and family planning. In this scene, older people share information and the varying viewpoints of the community.

'Homeland' (Nanjing, older group)

In this scene older women use shadow play to show the environmental degradation of Nanjing and their hopes for a greener future.

'How Do We Sustain Ourselves? (Sheffield, older group)

Older people in Sheffield said sustainability starts with relationships, and created scenes in pairs. This video shows two pair scenes, one about intergenerational relations and another about consumerism and parenting.

'Corruption' (Jinja, intergenerational)

Many people in Walukuba, Jinja, identified corruption as a barrier to achieving sustainability. This scene shows corruption by a (fictional) councillor and member of parliament, and an imagined community uprising.

'Plant More Trees!' (Nanjing, intergenerational)

This scene about environmental protection imagines trees as angels, fighting against the devil of air pollution.

'Fracking' (Sheffield, intergenerational)

This scene was the outcome of an intergenerational dialgue between older and younger people, about the dangers of fracking in South Yorkshire.

'Love & Money' (Jinja, intergenerational)

This scene highlights gender inequality by reversing the roles played by men and women in domestic life.

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