The Global Engineering Challenge

What challenges will you face as a professional engineer? How will your decisions impact on the people around you and throughout the world? How will you promote and defend your projects?

In this week-long project, all first year students in the Engineering Faculty tackle real-world problems from a global perspective. The project is based on the Engineers Without Borders Challenge – a national competition for engineering undergraduates.


Sustainable solutions

Engineering projectWorking in teams, you'll find solutions to a real-life engineering problem faced by developing communities.

You could find yourself researching alternative fuel sources for a small community in India, or designing new water and sanitation systems. 

A career with impact

You'll think about more than just the technical issues. You'll consider the social, ethical and environmental implications of your decisions too.

It's the kind of thinking that will equip you for a career with impact, where you can shape and improve the world we live in. And in an increasingly global industry, it's the kind of thinking that employers value highly.

Skills that matter

As a professional engineer, you'll need to be an excellent team worker. This project gives you the opportunity to put those skills into practice. It's also a chance to learn more about yourself and become a confident engineer.

You'll collaborate with engineers across all disciplines – just as you would in industry – and learn to think outside your specialism. As you research and present ideas, you'll improve your skills in communicating and solving complex problems. Throughout, you'll be thinking about issues from a global perspective.