Peer mentor scheme

The University’s PGR Peer Mentor scheme is designed to help new postgraduate research students settle into their new degree by matching them with a current student in a later year of their PhD.


In the lead-up to beginning your PhD, we hope you'll be excited and looking forward to joining us in Sheffield. However, it's normal to feel unsure about what to expect over the first few months.

If you feel you could benefit from helpful tips from somebody who has already been in your situation, our postgraduate research student mentorship scheme is for you. You'll be matched with a current student in a later year of their PhD - and likely in the same department - who can answer your questions and offer you advice throughout your first year.

It was really nice to see a friendly face around the lab and know you have someone impartial to talk to if you have any issues. I've also found it good to have someone to ask the questions to that I'm scared of asking my supervisor in case I seem stupid!

PhD student

What do mentors do?

A postgraduate mentor

  • will ensure that your start as a postgraduate student at the University is a great one
  • is a current student who not so long ago was in the same position as yourself
  • knows what it’s like to live in Sheffield and settle into a new environment
  • will know what is to be expected of you in your first year

Having a mentor was really helpful. I had felt quite isolated at the start of my PhD but having someone to talk to really made me feel part of something.

PhD student

You should be invited to apply for a Peer Mentor as part of your pre-registration tasks.

If you don’t receive information about this, please contact for further information.

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