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The MMedSci (Vision and Strabismus) by distance learning, is a course designed for Orthoptists and eye care professionals to enhance their learning and develop new areas of expertise. We are the only course specialising in vision and strabismus available by distance learning, where students can learn skills beyond registration alongside their work.

We are situated in the Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics in the faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at The University of Sheffield, which has a long history of medical and research excellence. As an Academic Unit we also have excellent clinical and research connections with the Eye Departments at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust and Sheffield Childrens Hospital Foundation Trust.

The Academic Unit produces high quality research, published and presented internationally and many of our MMedSci students go on to publish their Masters research projects. We have much expertise within the Unit with several specialist Orthoptists, an Optometrist and a visual perception and research lead. We also bring in other esteemed professionals to write for and present on the course, so that the course remains led by those with the greatest experience in their field.

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Welcome by Dr Charlotte Codina, Programme Leader

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The University of Sheffield Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics has offered the MMedSci/PG Diploma by distance learning since 1999. The course was specifically designed for practising orthoptists, allowing them to study for a higher degree without relinquishing their clinical posts. Anyone with an orthoptic degree or diploma, or appropriate eye care qualification, may apply (2:1 or higher classifications are preferred).  Applications are welcomed from anywhere in the world, provided broadband internet access is available.  Ideally you should also have at least one year's clinical experience following your first degree.  

Please follow this link to apply: www.shef.ac.uk/postgraduate/taught/apply/applying

Programme Leader

Dr Charlotte Codina

Course Secretary

Mrs Sheena Coales

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