Learning Beyond Registration

If you are applying for funding through LBR, please ensure that you complete the Fees and Funding form (available as a download from the right hand menu) with all the required information. Approval for LBR funding has to be given by your manager and LBR lead (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/hsccpd/lbr_leads), before being submitted for final approval. LBR funding is subject to availability, and completion of a fees and funding form does not guarantee that funding has been secured. The Admissions Team will inform you if funding is no longer available, once your fees and funding form has been received. If there is no more funding available, you may either seek to be sponsored by your employer or self fund. Funding should be requested on an annual basis (please check with your LBR lead). East Midlands do not currently sponsor dissertations / research projects.

Please include the correct module codes and correct number of credits for the year of study applied for (each year is worth 60 credits). You can only apply for one year at a time, and will need to submit a new fees and funding form before the start of each academic year. Additionally please include 17 credits for the annual departmental fee.

For details of start dates for each module (for the full MMedSci programme) please see Key Dates.

For details of start dates for individual standalone modules please see the information on the Standalone Study page.