GP Specialty Training Programme (GPSTP)

Activities /Membership

There are currently 8 Programme Directors (Sandra Brinkley, Alan Shirley, Jackie Burton, Afzal Shaikh, Dom Shirt, Jane Searle and Karen Bradley, as well as 2 Counsellor Tutors Ann Dawson and Kate Green.

The scheme provides postgraduate training for those wanting to become General Practitioners. Selection for entry to the scheme is through the national competency based selection system.

There are approximately 115 `registrars┬┤ in training on the scheme, mainly full time but some less than full time. GP registrars join the 3 year training programme, usually in August of each year, and complete 18 months of training in general practice (6 months in ST1, 12 months in ST3) and 18 months in approved hospitals posts (ST1 and ST2)

The scheme has 50 approved GP trainers based in 29 training practices throughout Sheffield, and 50 approved hospital training posts.

Members of the GPSTP PD team have particular interests in the use of debriefing in GP training and using groups in educational settings.

Full details of the Sheffield GPSTP can be seen at