Maintenance Loans

Student Finance funded courses

All eligible students are entitled to a maintenance loan. The maximum amount available is £8,200 per year. Some of this amount will be dependent on the student’s household income. Household income is defined as your family's gross annual income of the household you live in, minus some pension contributions and allowances for dependent children.

The table below gives an example of the maintenance loan students receive each year based on their household income.

Household Income Maintenance loan (per year)
£25,000 or less £8,200
£30,000 £7,612
£35,000 £7,023
£40,000 £6,434
£45,000 £5,845
£50,000 £5,256
£55,000 £4,667
£60,000 £4,078
£62,180 or above £3,821

These figures are based on what an English student, studying outside of London and living away from their family home, might receive. Awards for students from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be slightly different.

Our student funding calculator, on the right of this page, will tell you exactly how much funding a student will receive based on their household income.

Students can check their eligibility on the government website.

Any maintenance loan received is added to the tuition fee loan and is repaid in one monthly payment after the student is earning more than £21,000 per year.

Students apply for their maintenance support at the same time as their tuition fee loan. Applications usually open early February.

NHS Funded courses

Some courses are funded by the NHS. Student’s fees are paid by the NHS and they also receive a bursary from them towards their living costs too. Examples of NHS funded courses are Speech and Language therapy (BMedSci) and Orthoptics.

Medicine and Dentistry and part-funded by the NHS. Years 1-4 are funded by Student Finance England and years 5 onwards are funded by the NHS.

Further information on NHS funding can be found on the NHS Bursaries website