Changing course: moving between courses or departments…

My son or daughter wants to change their course…what should they do?

Sometimes students change their minds about the course they are on when they have had a chance to study the subject for a while. If your son or daughter would like to change to a different programme they should speak to their current academic department and the academic department they wish to transfer to (if changing course means moving to a different department or Faculty), to see how changing their course will affect their career prospects, their funding, and whether their previous qualifications qualify them for the new course.

TIP: Changes of course should be made within the first 3 weeks of each semester.

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Changes to degree programmes usually should be made within the first three weeks of the start of each semester, that’s in late September or early October; and in February. Outside these times students might have missed quite a few lectures on the course they want to move to, which could be a disadvantage when it comes to examinations. So after the third week of the semester their current academic department can advise if a change of programme is still possible or what alternatives there are.


If your son or daughter wants to change course and has been informally accepted onto the new course, they need to complete a Change of Status form for a change of programme.

They can obtain a Change of Status form online.    Your son or daughter should fill the form in - their academic department will help with this - and the completed form should be signed and sent on by their academic department to us at the Student Administration Service (SAS). Once approved in SAS, the change is processed on the central computer record system; this includes informing Student Finance England (SFE) (sometimes known as the Student Loans Company) of the change, or the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration service, if appropriate.

Finally, your son or daughter will be emailed to confirm their student record has been updated. They should then find that all their new modules are on their record, and that they can access the relevant study materials on MOLE (the online study space for their course).

TIP: Before changing course your son or daughter should check with the Student Finance England if they are funded by them - their money might be affected.