Change your name on your University documents

How to change your name and gender on your student record or other University documents as a graduate.



Once your degree has been awarded, we can only change the name on your student record or other University documents if it's related to a change of gender. 

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • transcripts of qualifications
  • copies of your degree certificate
  • letters confirming degree/attendance

The details on your record and University documents are official, definitive statements of fact at the date of your award.

Request a name change 

If your name change is related to a change of gender, you can book an appointment with the Student Registry who will explain how to change the name and gender on your student record. You can call them on +44 114 222 1300, or email

Email any supporting evidence to

Accepted examples of supporting evidence include:

  • a deed poll
  • a declaration of name change document
  • a letter from a GP or solicitor confirming you are the same person

We can also talk to you about the support available, manage any administration changes, and liaise on your behalf with other University departments/services.

Once we’ve processed your request we can also arrange for any replacement degree certificates and transcripts to be issued in your new name, if required.

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