Languages for All (LfA) Registration for University Staff

As a Languages for All student, your registration process can be completed online, meaning you don’t need to come and see us in person. This guidance has been produced to help you navigate the process.

You may be wondering why you have to register at all, given that you’re a member of staff…..

We understand that as a member of staff you may feel it is unnecessary for you to supply many of your personal details again, given that the University already holds a record for you. However, the staff and student record systems are entirely separate and access to personal staff data is treated confidentially with permission to view it being strictly limited to authorised people.

Furthermore, access to learning resources (eg MOLE) and inclusion in communications groups (eg mailing lists, discussion forums) is linked to your student registration record and this means that CiCS does need to create a new computer account for you. If you find having two accounts inconvenient, you may wish to contact the CiCS Helpdesk or check their Google web pages for guidance on how to more easily manage two accounts.

We endeavour to make the Registration process as easy as it can be, however there is a certain amount of information we do need to collect from every student and this cannot be avoided. We appreciate your patience and can assure you that we will get you registered as quickly as possible so that you can proceed with your studies.

What is the pre-registration system?

When you register online you have a number of different tasks to complete. This includes, amongst other things:

  • making a payment and/or setting up a payment plan,
  • activating your University computer account,
  • uploading an image for your UCard
  • and completing your registration.

Registration cannot be completed until many of these steps are done - for example after you’ve made your payment, you need to go back into the pre-registration system to complete the final steps.

Accessing the pre-registration system

To complete this process, you need to have a username and password so you can log in to the pre-registration system.
Where can I find my username?
Your username is sent to you in an email which is generated when your application has been processed and an offer has been made. NB You may receive two emails - both of these will contain your username.
Where can I find my password?
The first email that is sent to you includes instructions about how to set up your password. Follow the online steps and you will be able to create your own password which you can then use to log in to pre-registration.
The second email that is sent includes a link to allow you to ‘recover’ your password.

This link will also work for people who have not already set up their password, so please don’t be confused by the use of the word ‘recover’.

If you didn’t get, or didn’t act upon, the first email, simply click on the ‘recover’ link and follow the online steps to create your password.

Having problems logging in?

If you are already a member of staff, it is very likely that you are already logged in to MUSE with your staff username and password. The first thing to do is to logout of all your browsers and open a fresh one, making sure you’re not logged in to MUSE.
I applied using my work email address
If, when you applied for your place, you provided your work email address ( you will need to do the following:

  • Copy the pre-registration link from your email and paste it into the address bar of your browser
  • You should see a login page asking for your username and password
  • Copy the username from your email and paste it into the relevant field
  • Enter the password that you have created

I applied using my personal email address
If you provided a personal email address, you should be able to simply click on the pre-registration link in your email and access the system from there. As noted above, however, make sure you use a fresh browser and are logged out of your staff MUSE account.
In addition to my staff account, I also have another student account
The way the student system works means that for each separate course that you are registered on, you’ll have a different Registration Number. For each Registration Number there is a different username and password. We know this can be confusing and are looking at ways to make things easier, but for now it’s important that you use the correct username and password to access the system.

A note about Temporary Registration

If you apply after or very close to the date when your class begins, you might be worried about getting registered in time to start your studies. In particular, if you have a query about your fees or you need a bit more time before you can pay, you might be delaying your registration.
This is why we have the option to register you ‘Temporarily’ so you can get started and sort out your fees later. You can request temporary registration via the online system or you can contact us directly to discuss your options ( It’s far better to do this than to hold off on registering until you are ready to pay.