Physical, social & research environment

Postgraduate research students must have access to the facilities necessary for them to achieve success in their studies. This does not necessarily mean that they will all have their own designated desk space within their academic department and it should be noted that the specific requirements of students do vary significantly between subject disciplines and even at different stages of their research project.

Departments commonly provide some or all of the following facilities for their PGR students:

  • Access to desk space and computer facilities (designated facilities are often provided where required by the student)
  • Laboratory space if required according to the discipline
  • Kitchen and social and/or meeting space
  • Access to secretarial (and, if relevant, technical) support
  • Access to shared printers, photocopier and phones
  • Access to storage facilities (including some lockable storage)

In addition, departments provide PGRs with a wide range of formal and informal mechanisms designed to better integrate them with other PGR students and with the departmental research environment, for example:

  • Regular departmental research seminars
  • Regular PGR student seminars at which students can hear about each other’s research and practice presenting their own work, and/or hear from internal or external speakers
  • Research training modules accessible to, or specifically for, PGRs (covering key research skills and/or skills for successful completion of a research degree)
  • Social events (e.g. induction drinks, informal coffee & cakes/pub meetings, Christmas parties)