ORDA - The University of Sheffield Research Data Catalogue and Repository

ORDA (Online Research Data) is the hub for managing and sharing University of Sheffield research data, powered by figshare.

ORDA is a repository – a facility for archiving and publishing digital research data and associated metadata records. Here you may deposit your digital research data, so that they are preserved for at least 10 years, and may be accessed, in an open or controlled manner. Research data deposited in ORDA will be given a DataCite DOI.

ORDA is a registry – a public catalogue of published research data created by University of Sheffield researchers. The registry makes research data discoverable, and therefore promotes reuse, citation, research impact and collaboration. The registry includes records of digital research data held in ORDA or other research data repositories and records of non-digital data.

ORDA is provided for publishing and preserving data where no other repository is suitable. Unless your funder or journal publisher specifies a repository in which to deposit your data, the best one to choose will be a national data centre or discipline specific repository, as these have the expertise and resources to deal with particular types of data. See ‘Research data repositories’ for information about choosing a repository. If you are unsure of the best thing to do with your data, please contact us rdm@sheffield.ac.uk.

ORDA user guides

Register, upload and publish datasets using ORDA

Using ORDA to register a dataset published elsewhere

Learn more about publishing a dataset using ORDA

Information on metadata-only records, choosing a license, embargoes, publishing confidential data and associating datasets together in ‘projects’ and 'collections'.

For further information, please contact rdm@sheffield.ac.uk