ORDA is the University of Sheffield’s data repository. It is provided by figshare and enables University research data to be preserved, discovered and accessed.

While research data should be archived in the most appropriate repository--usually a national data centre or discipline-specific repository--they may also be deposited in ORDA. Wherever your data are stored, you should record and make the details available in ORDA. This promotes reuse and collaboration, helps evidence research impact and maintains a record of the University’s research data. Each record in ORDA is provided with a Datacite DOI, with levels of data access controlled by the depositor.

Data that should be recorded, preserved or shared in ORDA include:

  • Data underpinning publications
  • Data from projects supported by an external funder
  • Data from projects not resulting in publications, or not giving the expected result
  • Data of potential long-term interest to other researchers
  • Non-digital or sensitive data that cannot be shared but should be recorded

Use the following guides to help you deposit or record your research data in ORDA:

For further information, please contact rdm@sheffield.ac.uk