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Open 24/7 (self-service Monday to Friday, 5pm-9am).

Weekends: self-service only. Please note that library staff are available at Western Bank Library, Saturday & Sunday, between12-6pm.

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University of Sheffield
44 Leavygreave Rd
S3 7RD

Enquiries: +44 114 2227200

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Information Commons directory

Service Floor/s
Assistive Technology Suite 1
Book Issue 0–4
Book Return 0
Books 2–4
  • 000 - 359
  • 360 - 629
  • 630 - 999
  • Oversize
Cafe 0
Computer Room 3 3
Computer Room 4 4
Concierge desk 0
Digital Commons (Room 1.20) 1
Exhibition Space 1
(The) Garden Room 0
Information Desk 0
Lift (Levels 1 to 4) 1–4
Lift (Levels 5 to 6) 5–6
Prayer Rooms (Male and Female) 4
Printers 1–4, 6
Recycle bins 0–6
Request Pickup 0
Scanners 1
Shower 1
Silent study 2, 3, 5, 6
Silent study with PCs 3, 6
Toilets  (Male and female) and Accessible WCs 0 - 6
Toilets (Unisex) 1–3
Water fountains 0–6
Wudu facilities 4

Site-specific resources

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The Garden Room

Your place of relaxation and calm.

The Garden Room is a space for student wellbeing and relaxation; it is situated on the Ground floor of the Information Commons.

The Garden Room offers students a comfortable, relaxing break from their studies and also serves to encourage students to take regular study breaks.

We have worked closely with students and taken their suggestions and feedback to inform the furniture choices, resources and layout of the room.

It is hoped that providing a calming environment will contribute towards greater student wellbeing and lower levels of stress and anxiety amongst those who use it, especially during assessment periods.

The space holds a number of books for recreational usage, to encourage students to read for pleasure, rather than just for study purposes and we are hoping that students will relax and take some time out from using their electronic devices.

We are a student group that wanted to and felt the need for a wellbeing focused area where students could really relax in our University.

After a fair bit of research we worked with the library to help create this space through planning and purchasing some of the resources - such as the chairs, books, zines, pictures and plants.

We hope The Garden Room will be the perfect spot for you to relax, be positive, improve your mood and dream big!

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