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Library study spaces

Study spaces are available at the Information Commons, Health Sciences Library at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, the Diamond and Western Bank Library.

All library sites have a mix of bookable and walk-in spaces, including silent study areas, spaces with or without a PC, group rooms and more communal spaces.

To help you understand different types of study spaces across the University, we’ve introduced a traffic light system so you know what level of noise is appropriate and pick the right space for you.

Screens, banners and signs will be displayed in study spaces so you know which type of space you’re in. Please be respectful of other library users and the space you use. 

🟢 Green - General study spaces

  • Talking is expected in general study spaces
  • Suitable for individual or group collaboration
  • Phones, laptops and computers can have volume on

🟡 Yellow - Quiet study spaces

  • Quiet talking is acceptable in these spaces
  • Suitable for individual or small group study
  • Please leave the area for phone calls

🔴 Red - Silent study spaces

  • No talking in silent study spaces
  • Suitable for individual study only
  • Leave the room if you need to talk
  • Keep phones on silent

What to do if you’re being disturbed by noise

Too much noise? Text “NOISE” and your location to 01952 783 022

Bookable spaces

All library buildings offer a number of spaces that are bookable up to 48 hours in advance. These are a mix of general study spaces and spaces with managed PCs. Group rooms are also available for booking.

For further information please see our FAQs.

If you are actively participating in an online seminar, you may wish to consider booking a space on level 4 in the Information Commons. Level 4 is our Connect4Learning Zone, an area where you may feel more comfortable if you are participating in seminars or other online learning activities.

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Group rooms

Group rooms are also available for booking. These spaces are designed for collaborative group work and not individual study. You can select your capacity options on the form to ensure that you have enough space to study. 

Booking a group room

Study break passes

It's important to take a break from studying from time to time. If you need to leave your desk for more than a few minutes you can use a study break pass to make it clear to others when you’ll be back.

Passes are available from the Welcome Desk at Western Bank Library, the Health Sciences Library, throughout the Information Commons, and the Diamond. Use these passes to let other people know that you will be leaving your desk for up to 45 minutes.

Assistive study spaces

Assistive spaces and spaces with assistive technology are available at all libraries. If you have any questions about assistive spaces, please email

General study spaces

All general study spaces are walk-in access only. You can check the availability of University desktop PCs in one of our open access rooms on campus.

Find a PC

Study spaces in your department

In addition to study spaces in teaching rooms, departments may have local spaces, which will be communicated to you directly by your department.

Accommodation spaces

There are various study and social spaces available for you to use within the student accommodation residences. For the latest details, please visit the Accommodation Study and social spaces page. Please note, these spaces are for the use of University accommodation residents only.

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