The University believes that doctoral researchers should have the opportunity to undertake a placement where that will benefit their development or career opportunities.  Placements in Higher Education traditionally relate to periods of learning activity away from the usual education environment available from the institution during the course of a programme of study.

Partners providing placement opportunities are likely to include business and industry, NHS, charities, public sector bodies such as local authorities or central government.

A period of research which is part of the student's programme at an off-campus location would not constitute a placement.  This could include fieldwork, data collection in archives, research attachments at other institutions to learn specific research techniques or to access specific facilities or equipment.

The primary purpose of a PGR placement should be to enhance a student's employability by exposing them to a different working environment.  Placements should take into account individual students' career ambitions.  

Placements must be agreed with the supervisory team and also should not adversely affect a student's submission deadline.  Students who wish to undertake a placement during their studies which is unrelated to their research topic can apply to reclaim the time taken from their studies for this using the application form on this page. Students who are granted permission to undertake a placement are given a registration status which reflects the fact that they are on placement and have their time limit extended accordingly.  Please note that the students undertaking placements of this nature will not be supervised or monitored by the University during the placement period.  This process does not apply to programmes which require a placement as part of their programme, or who wish to undertake a placement that directly relates to their research.

Unfortunately, due to immigration regulations, this scheme is not open to international students on a Tier 4 visa.

The placements form must be completed before the start of the placement and should be checked and approved by the student's supervisor and returned to the PGR Support Team in Research Services, who will check the student's eligibility and put the application forward for faculty approval.  Once approved, the student's record will be updated to reflect the student's status on placement and to update the student's time limit.