Resubmission of a thesis

Where the examiners' recommendation is a full resubmission, the joint report should contain detailed advice to the student on the required corrections and improvements and must indicate whether the resubmission is with or without a further oral examination. The joint and preliminary reports should be completed and returned to Research Services within two weeks of the date of the oral examination.  Research Services will formally notify the student of the requirement to resubmit by letter and will also send the student a copy of the examiners’ report containing the details of the corrections.

Students required to resubmit their thesis will automatically have their time limit extended by 12 months from the date of formal notification from Research Services and can request that their UCard is extended by SSiD in line with their new time limit.  

A resubmission fee is charged for all resubmissions. For 2020-21 this will be £325 for a resubmission without oral examination and £400 for a resubmission with oral examination.

Exceptionally, the time-limit for resubmission may be extended by the faculty for a further period; however, lengthy or repeated extensions are unlikely to be approved, as twelve months should be adequate time to resubmit. Students who need to request an extension should complete the Time Limit Extension form available from Research Services and, if the extension is granted, will be required to pay the standard extension fee for the duration of the extension period.

At the end of the resubmission period, the revised thesis must be resubmitted directly to Research Services, following the same procedures as apply to a first submission (see 'Submission of theses').  The resubmitted thesis should also be submitted to Turnitin at the same time.  The resubmitted thesis must not be sent to either of the examiners prior to formal resubmission. Research Services can only accept a resubmitted thesis once the student has been formally notified in writing of the examiners' decision on the first submission.

For resubmissions the title page and front cover should be changed to show the date of the resubmission only, however it is not necessary for the thesis to state 'Resubmission'.  It is recommended that a detailed list of the corrections that have been made following the first submission is included with the resubmitted thesis.

If a resubmission with a further oral re-examination is required, this should normally take place within 10 weeks of receipt of the thesis by the examiners.

If a resubmission without a further oral examination is required, the examiners should aim to complete the re-examination within approximately 6-8 weeks of their receipt of the revised thesis.

The same reporting requirements apply to resubmissions as to first submissions, i.e. the examiners must each complete an independent written preliminary report and a joint report.  There are fewer recommendations available to the examiners following a resubmission and, crucially, there is no option for a student to make a further resubmission at this stage.  Consequently, the examiners must be absolutely confident that the thesis meets the criteria for the award of the degree, or will do so after a period of minor or major corrections, in order to recommend the award of the degree.

Following the viva, the examiners' report forms should be returned to Research Services within two weeks of the date of oral examination (or the date of re-examination in the case of a resubmission without oral).  If additional minor or major corrections are required the examiners should retain the minor/major corrections sheet and return it to Research Services once all corrections have been satisfactorily completed.  

Following completion of the resubmission and re-examination, students must provide a final electronic Library copy of their thesis - see Final Library Copy