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Find details on the facilities and resources available within the School of Health and Related Research.


The ScHARR Library and PC Suite

The School of Health and Related Research library.

Opening hours

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

(Staffed Enquiry Desk is available 11am - 2pm Tuesday - Friday)

ScHARR Library & PC Suite
University of Sheffield
Room 1026, 1st Floor, Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield S1 4DA

Tel: +44 114 222 5420
Fax: +44 114 222 0749
email: scharrlib@sheffield.ac.uk

Search for resources in the ScHARR library

Located on the first floor of the Regent Court building, the ScHARR library is open to all ScHARR students, offering access to a range of health-related bibliographic databases as well as internet resources.

ScHARR graduate students have access to a variety of library and information services, including a staffed enquiry desk, inter-library loans, book loans, reference manager or literature searching training, use of the library PCs - including our online catalogue - and use of the printer and photocopier (charges are applicable).

Library collections

Books, journal and report collections

The library offers access to a collection of books, journals and reports on specific topics.

Subject areas

  • Evidence based practice
  • Statistics
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Research methods
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Health economics
  • Critical appraisal
  • Mental health

Key journals


Current journals

The following is a list of current and non-current journals held by Information Resources in the ScHARR library and library storeroom.

Advances in Psychiatric Treatment 2000 6(1) – 2008 14(6)

Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 2002 1(1) – 2008 6(4); 2012 10(1) -

Bandolier 1994 1(1) - 2004 125(11)

Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 2003 31(1) – 2007 35(4)

British Journal of Clinical Governance (see Clinical Governance: an International Journal) 1999 4(1) – 2002 7(4)

British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management 2005 22(1) – 2007 24(4)

British Journal of Healthcare Management 2001 7(1) – 2010 16(2)

British Journal of Psychiatry 2001 178(1) – 2007 191(6)

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 2000 320 (7226) -

British National Formulary (BNF) 2003 46 – 2009 56; 2012 64 -

Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing 2001 5(1) - 2004 9(1)

Clinical Governance: An International Journal 2003 8(1) – 2015 20 (4)

Clinical Governance Bulletin 2000 1(1) – 2006 6(6)

Clinical Nurse Specialist 1995 9(1) - 2003 17(1) online from 2000 14 (1) - 2010 24

Clinical Rehabilitation 1987 1(1) – present

Clinical Therapeutics 1995 17(1) -

Contemporary Clinical Trials (earlier title Controlled Clinical Trials) 1995 16(1) -

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health 2000 10(1) – 2002 12(4)
E-version available from 1991

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin 1994 32(10) – 2009 47(1)

European Journal of Health Economics 2001 2(3) -
E-version available from 2000

European Journal of Public Health 1993 3(1) - 1999 9(3)
E-version available from 1991

Evidence and Policy 2006 2(1) -

Evidence Based Healthcare & Public Health 1999 3(1) – 2005 9(6)
E-version available from 1997-2004

Evidence Based Medicine 1995 1(1) -
E-version available from 1995

Evidence Based Mental Health 1998 1(1) -
E-version available from 1998

Evidence Based Nursing 1998 1(1) – 2008 11(4)
E-version available from 1998

Health and Social Care in the Community 1995 3(1) – 2007 15(6)
E-version available from 1993

Health Care Management Science 2005 8(2) –
E-version available from 1998

Health Economics 2000 9(1) -
E-version available from 1996

Health Informatics Journal 2004 10(1) –
E-version available from 1995

Health Information and Libraries Journal (formerly Health Libraries Review) 2001 18(1) –
E-version available from 1984

Health Information on the Internet 1999 (12) – 2008 (66)
E-version available 2001-2008

Health Policy 1999 47(1) – 2006 78(2/3)
E-version available from 1984

Health Service Journal (HSJ) 2008 (10 January) -
E-version available in ScHARR Library – ask at Enquiry Desk for login information

Health Services Management Research 1995 8(1) –

Health Summary 1996 13(6) – 2005 22(12)

Health Trends 1996 28(1) - 1998 30(4)

Informatics in Primary Care 2002 10(1) – 2009 17(3)
E-version available from 2003-2011

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 2000 23(1) - 2003 26(1)
E-version available from 1978

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches  - E-version available from 2007 1(1) – 2015 9(3)

International Journal of Nursing Studies 1999 36(1) - 2004 41(1)
E-version available from 1963

International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 1997 13(1) – 2012 28 (4)
E-version available from 1985

Journal of Advanced Nursing 1980 5(1) - 2003 44(6)
E-version available from 1976

Journal of Clinical Excellence 1999 1(1) – 2002 4(4)

Journal of Clinical Governance 2000 8(1) – 2002 10(4)

Journal of Counseling Psychology 2003 50(1) – 2009 56 (1)
E-version available from 1954

Journal of Drug Assessment 2000 3(1) – 2006 9(3) E-version available from 2012

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 1995 1(1) – 2010 16(5)
E-version available from 1997

Journal of Forensic Psychiatry 2000 11(2) - 2002 13(3)
E-version available from 1997-2016

Journal of Health Economics 1995 14(1) –
E-version available from 1982

Journal of Health Psychology 1996 1(1) – 2008 13(1)
E-version available from 1996

Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 1995 1(1) - E-version available from 1996

Journal of Hospital Librarianship 2001 1(1) – 2009 8(4) - E-version available from 2001

Journal of Mental Health 2000 9(1) – 2007 16(6)
E-version available from 1992

Journal of Mixed Methods Research 2007 1(2) -
E-version available from 2007

Journal of Public Health 1990 12(1) -
E-version available from 1979

Journal of Research in Nursing 2005 10(1) – 2007 12(1)
E-version available from 1996

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 2000 283(1) –
E-version available from 1889

Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care 1995 38(1) - 2003 54(6)

The Lancet 1985 (8419) -
E-version available from 1823

Managing Information 2005 12(1) – 2009 16(10)

Medical Care 1992 30(10) –
E-version available 1963-2011

Medical Decision Making 1995 15(1) -
E-version available from 1981

Mental Health in Family Medicine 2008 5(1) –
E-version available from 2008 – 2013

Mental Health Services Research 2002 4(1) – 2005 7(4)
E-version available from 1999-2005

Milbank Quarterly 1999 77(1) – 2005 83(1)
E-version available from 1986

The Nurse Practitioner 1995 20(1) – 2007 32(3)
Limited online access

Nurse Researcher 1994 2(2) – 2007 14(2)
Limited online access

Nursing Economics 1995 13(1) – 2008 26(6)
E-version available from 2003-2016

Nursing Research 1995 44(2) - 2005 54(1)
Limited online access

PharmacoEconomics 1995 7(1) –
E-version available from 1997

Pharmacoeconomics – Italian Research Articles 1999 1(1) – 2006 8(1)

Primary Care Mental Health 2003 1(1) – 2006 4(4)

Psychiatric Bulletin 1995 19(1) – 2008 32(12)
E-version available from 1977

Psychiatric Services 2000 51(2) – 2009 60(1)
E-version available from 1997

Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 2009 78(1) – 2011 80(4) Limited online access

Qualitative Health Research 1995 5(2) -
E-version available from 1991

Quality in Primary Care 1999 1(1) 2003 11(1) – 2007 15(6)

Quality of Life Research 1994 3(6) -
E-version available from 1992-

Research Synthesis Methods 2010 1(1) - 2012 3(3)
E-version available from 2010

Statistics in Medicine 2008 27(1) -
E-version available from 1996

Statistical Methods in Medical Research 1996 5(1) –
E-version available from 1992

The Times Higher Education Supplement (last three months only)
E-version available from 2008

Updates: Research and Policy Briefings 2002 4(1) – 2004 5(19)

*Please note that some of these titles or certain back issues are held in our storeroom, please ask a member of staff if you wish to view any of these.

Library services

Enquiry desk

ScHARR Library provides a specialist health and social care information service to ScHARR staff, ScHARR students and ScHARR Alumni (more information about library services for Alumni members can be found here). Our team of Information Specialists can offer advice on the following:

  • Literature searching
  • Reference management
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Research funding
  • Information skills
  • Critical appraisal
  • Web 2.0 and Social Media
  • Current Awareness
  • Document Supply

This subject guide is a list of useful databases and websites to help students get started with literature searching.  There is also advice on grey literature and search filters.

Electronic resources

Access for ScHARR staff and ScHARR students to health related bibliographic databases such as MEDLINE is via MUSE.

For information on accessing ScHARR Library services remotely, please download the guidance document Remote Access to Information Resources (PDF, 888KB)

Document supply and inter-library loans

The ScHARR Library provides a document supply service for ScHARR staff, Masters and PhD students. If there is a journal article or book which cannot be found on StarPlus we may be able to obtain it for you.

This service is available only to ScHARR staff and students.

How to order a journal article 

Before making a request:

  • Please ensure that the article you require is not freely available online.
  • Check whether you can download the article from the University’s electronic journals collection via StarPlus

Making a request

1. To order an article please complete the request form. We need one form per article to comply with copyright regulations. 

Request form

2. Please provide as much of the reference as possible, including full journal title. An incomplete reference can slow down the request. 

3. Email forms to us at scharrlib@shef.ac.uk

How to order a book as an inter-library loan

Please complete the request form email to scharrlib@shef.ac.uk

Request form

Document supply service FAQs

How many requests can I make?

ScHARR MSc students are entitled to 14 requests free of charge per academic year.

ScHARR staff and PhD students - here is no limit to the number of requests 'within reason'. The service is expensive however so please ensure all requests are necessary. 

How will I receive my request?

Some items will be sent to you as a pdf. Some items will be encrypted and available in print-only format. These can be collected from ScHARR Library, sent via the internal mail or posted out to you.

How long will I have to wait for my request to arrive?

We recommend that you allow at least a week for a journal article to be received, and up to 10 days for a book loan. 

Further guidelines for ScHARR staff

The inter-library loans/document supply service is for non-commercial use only. Any copying which supports activities that are directly or indirectly income-generating may be deemed to fall into the commercial category and these requests will be subject to additional copyright fees. If you think your request may be for commercial purposes please contact the library to discuss. 

Budget code and project name - please provide where applicable, and also the lead researcher or budget holder if known. 

How many requests are allowed? There is no limit to the number of requests allowed to ScHARR staff and PhD students. The service is expensive however so 

Standard Costs per item - £5.80 + VAT for British Library digitally sourced item £10.15 + VAT for British Library scanned-from-print item. We don't know in advance which price will apply so please cost for the higher

Urgent requests - British Library 24 hour service may be available at no extra cost / 2-hour service £31.10 per item.

Book loans - £16.35 per item. Please ensure borrowed inter-library loans are returned before the due date. The British Library automatically renews most items for a set period before recall. This incurs a cost for your project which is currently £5.45 per monthly renewal.'

Current awareness

ScHARR Library provides a number of current awareness services, helping you to keep up-to-date with all things health-related.


The ScHARR Library Blog stopped publishing in March 2019, however, an archive of posts remains. You can now find us writing for the HEDS Blog.

Follow ScHARR Library on Twitter for health-related news and beyond.

Research funding

ScHARR Library provides an email alerting service on behalf of the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) for Yorkshire and the Humber. The emails contain details of NIHR funding opportunities only.

If you would like to be added to the distribution list for the email alerting service, please contact ScHARR Library on +114 222 5420 or by email (scharrlib@sheffield.ac.uk).

A bespoke funding search service is also available if you would like us to search for specific funding to suit your current needs.

Notice boards

On floors 1 and 2 of the department

Let us know what you think

If you have any feedback, please email ScHARR Library: scharrlib@sheffield.ac.uk

Reference management

Please see the Introductory Guide (PDF, 1.1MB) to the desktop version of EndNote for ScHARR staff and PhD students. This is intended to complement the University Library's EndNote guidance. Masters students are advised to use EndNote online or Mendeley (see IRIS-MANAGE).

The documents you will need are the ILL Request Form (DOC, 42KB), the EXCEL spreadsheet (9KB) and the ILL Merge output style.

Information Specialists at the Information Service @ ScHARR Library can provide practical advice and support to ScHARR staff and Postgraduate Research Students with regard to reference management.

  • One-to-one training in the use of Endnote
  • Advice on setting up an Endnote database and assigning appropriate keywords
  • Advice on Endnote import filters
  • Advice on using the mail merge feature within MS Word to generate inter-library loan requests from Endnote
Research funding

ScHARR Library provides an email alerting service on behalf of the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) for Yorkshire and the Humber. The emails contain details of NIHR funding opportunities only.

If you would like to be added to the distribution list for the email alerting service, please contact ScHARR Library on (0114) 222 5420 or by email (scharrlib@sheffield.ac.uk).

A bespoke funding search service is also available if you would like us to search for specific funding to suit your current needs.

For further information on current funding opportunities, please click on the link to Research Professional to the right of this page.

Research Professional is a gateway to a massive resource of up to date research funding and policy information. The University has its own subscription to this service for the benefit of staff and PhD students, and it is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to search current funding opportunities across a range of different disciplines. Further help and support is available from the Research Professional help pages.

You will automatically be granted access to this service from any computer on the University's network. To access from your home PC you must first register with the site.

The Innovation Centre

ScHARR has a PGR office in the Innovation Centre (building 155 on the Campus Map). 

Access to the Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is open from 09:00-16:00 Monday to Friday.

All Innovation Centre rooms have a key pad for security and the number is given to all students at the start of their studies.

The PGR offices each have a bookable computer, as well as printing, scanning and photocopying facilities for all full time and part time students. These facilities are also available to distance PhD students when they visit campus. To book a hot desk, contact the ScHARR PGR administrator - scharr-pgr@sheffield.ac.uk

Should secure storage space be required, each room also contains lockable cabinets. When a student completes their programme, all items must be removed from the lockers and shelves, and keys must be left in the lockers.

IT support

If problems arise with the computers in the ScHARR PGR offices, this should be reported to Faculty IT: mdh-it@sheffield.ac.uk. Students will need to quote the desk number when reporting any issues to IT.

The majority of students will be able to use software provided by IT Services as standard. A full list of available packages can be viewed here. Please advise IT should you have additional software needs.

Other workspaces

The Dainton Graduate Research Centre offers flexible study and social space for the postgraduate community, including a computer facility offering 28 bookable networked computers with printing, scanning and photocopying facilities.

Work space is also available in the University libraries. All libraries include printing, photocopying and scanning facilities.