Consultancy services

A list of the consultancy services ScHARR Knowledge Exchange offers.

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Evidence reviews

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Targeted, focussed and rapid reviews
  • Reviews of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and health-related quality of life
  • Reviews to inform cost-effectiveness model parameters
  • Reviews of public health and health policy topics
  • Realist and theory-led reviews to understand what works, for who and why

Patient-reported outcome measures and health utilities

  • Development of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)
  • Development of preference-based (utility) measures
  • Validation of measures
  • Valuation of PROMs by preference elicitation surveys (eg TTO, DCE, WTP)
  • Measures for carers and social care users
  • Using utility measures in cost-effectiveness models
  • Mapping PROMs to generic utility measures using advanced methods
  • Reviewing health state utility values

Evidence synthesis

  • Meta-analysis
  • Bayesian network meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparisons
  • Individual patient data (IPD) analyses
  • Realist synthesis

Statistical analysis

  • Survival modelling and extrapolation
  • Analysis of treatment switching
  • Analysis of real world data and observational studies

Health economics and decision modelling

  • Cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Critique and validation of existing models
  • Country-specific model adaptations
  • Early conceptual modelling
  • Social return on investment and social value

Evaluation services

  • A wide range of evaluation, monitoring and learning approaches, at any stage including evaluative assessments, formative, process, developmental and summative evaluation
  • Evaluation of innovations, services and programmes for health and social care, third sector, large multinational companies and SMEs
  • Programme theory development, impact planning, understanding behaviour change and describing and designing service delivery models
  • Impact of services on health and wellbeing
  • Evaluation of service and pathway redesign and policy influence, from small projects to whole system change
  • Mixed methods approaches with equally strong emphasis on quantitative and qualitative work
  • Real-world evaluation: innovative solutions for constraints of time, resources and data
  • Specialists in workforce change and digital health technology
  • External oversight of your evaluation findings and reports
  • Evaluation training

Strategy and thought leadership

  • Portfolio planning
  • Early product value assessment
  • Implementation planning
  • Methodological and strategic advice
  • Organising and attending or chairing advisory boards (clinical and economic)
  • Review, critique and development of HEOR evidence generation plans (eg clinical trial design and outcomes assessment or instrument selection, payer evidence planning)
  • Review and critique of existing economic models and HTA evidence materials
  • Mock HTA appraisal meetings
  • Critical review of HTA submissions
  • Preparation for formal HTA scientific advice
  • Integrated strategic support


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