Health Economics and Decision Science Research Group

The purpose of HEDS is to promote excellence in national and international health care resource allocation decisions, through applied and theoretical research funded by the public and private sector; and supporting the effective implementation of the results of such research through education, training and management interventions. With a broad portfolio of specialities, HEDS makes major contributions in many areas, including the valuation of health, the analysis of health policy, welfare and equity, technology appraisal, trial-based economic evaluation, and econometrics.

Current areas of substantive research activity include:

Health and Wellbeing Assessment

Welfare assessment is a major area of research with Health Economics and Decision Science. HEDS research programmes in this area are in: Measurement and Valuation of Health, Well-being, and Equity. For further information on these, please visit CWIPP and Health and Well-being.

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Decision Analytic Modelling

Since ScHARR's inception in 1994, health economists and mathematical modellers have been working together to produce cost effectiveness analyses for local and national health care decision making bodies. Alongside the large volume of applied work, members of HEDS have produced a steady stream of papers on the role of modelling, the methods of modelling and quality assurance in modelling.

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Systematic Review

Systematic reviews have been an important part of ScHARR's expertise for a decade. In the 1990's our work informed the purchasing decisions of the NHS Trent Development and Evaluation Committee (DEC), a model which was later used as the prototype for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

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Methods in Statistics

Research in the Centre for Bayesian Statistics in Health Economics (CHEBS) is highly regarded in the field of applying Bayesian methods in health economics and related research.

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