Knowledge into Action

The theme activities are underpinned by an applied and theoretical concern to increase understanding of the adoption and implementation of research evidence into clinical practice, local government commissioning and to influence public health policy.

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Our mission is to increase the co­production of knowledge in order to accelerate the adoption of research findings across all stages of the research process (pre, during and post research). Our aim is to advance theoretical and methodological understanding of knowledge translation across a wide range of research topics, study contexts and methodological designs (ethnography, survey research, clinical trials etc). We seek to pool this knowledge to inform evidence translation research and health policy.

The Knowledge into Action (K2A) research theme brings together a multidisciplinary group of academics, researchers and PhD students all conducting research related to the translation of evidence into practice with the aim of improving both the delivery of healthcare to patients and broader public health outcomes. The research theme consists of health services researchers, social scientists and public health specialists from ScHARR. We have expertise in different methodological approaches to the study of knowledge translation and implementation, both qualitative and quantitative, and we strive to advance innovative methods for the study of knowledge mobilisation.

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