Heather M. Dakin 

Trials Support Officer

Photo of Heather DakinSchool of Health and Related Research
University of Sheffield
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

Office: Room 2.04, Floor 2, Innovation Centre

Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 6385
Fax: +44 (0) 114 222 0870

Email : h.dakin@sheffield.ac.uk


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I joined the University in September 2014.  I have a background in administration, having worked in both the U.S. and the U.K.

The Arts have always been an interest, and I have a great appreciation for literature, film, and music.  I obtained my BA in English in the U.S. before moving to the U.K. in 2009, where I completed my MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University in 2010.

I have worked for the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) as a Trials Support Officer for four years, providing administrative support across a variety of medical research trials.

Additional Projects:

In addition to my trial-related work, I also facilitate the following staff development course, which is open to all university staff via the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • SD2S - 'Second Sight': An Interactive Look at Blindness and Visual Impairment

I am also currently overseeing two additional projects:

  • Talking Group for Blind/Visually Impaired Students - Working in conjunction with the University's Disability & Dyslexia Support Team, I facilitate a Talking Group for Blind/Visually Impaired Students once a month. This Group is meant to act as a peer support group and provides a place where blind/visually impaired students can share ideas, experiences, and tips to help assist one another during their studies.
  • 'Supporting Blind/Visually Impaired Patients in Healthcare' (School of Nursing & Midwifery) - In October 2017 I was asked to design and facilitate a bespoke session aimed at undergraduate/postgraduate nursing students. This session sits within the Term 2 Communication module and focuses on supporting blind/visually impaired patients in a healthcare environment (i.e. hospitals, care homes, GP practices, etc.).

Professional Activities:

Providing Support To:

  • ASTIClite: Autologous Stem cell Transplantation In refractory Crohn’s disease – Low Intensity Therapy Evaluation
  • CFHealthHub Cystic Fibrosis Data Observatory