National Institute for Health Research Clinical Trials Unit (NIHR CTU) Support Funding award

Cindy Cooper Photo

Dr Cindy Cooper is the Director of the Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) which consists of 35 staff and attracts in excess of £3.9 million annual research income to the University.  Currently the CTRU is managing 44 live studies worth £19 million to the University. The CTRU is an outstanding ScHARR success.

In July 2013, the CTRU was awarded a National Institute for Health Research Clinical Trials Unit (NIHR CTU) Support Funding award to the value of £1.46 million, over five years. The award was made on the basis of a review of the performance of the Sheffield CTRU by the NIHR CTU Standing Advisory Committee. Performance was judged on a number of following metrics, including:

1. Progress against objectives set for the previous year. These objectives were related to capacity and re-location of the unit, academic output, grant capture, trial implementation and recruitment of participants against targets.

2. Activities and development work in the wider NIHR and with other research networks, CTUs, Methodology research hubs and professional bodies.

3. Number of outline and full research proposals submitted to NIHR programmes.

4. Total number of current NIHR funded research projects undertaken by the unit.

5. Number of proposals successfully awarded.

6. CTRU staff publications (12 published during the reporting period).

The feedback received was that “the unit was doing well and reporting good activity levels”. The anonymised metrics comparing performance of all 24 NIHR supported CTUs within the UK demonstrated that Sheffield CTRU was in the top third, of CTUs, for the key indicators compared: number of outlines submitted; number of full proposals submitted; number of awards won and total grant income.

The £1.46 million CTU supporting funding award from the NIHR recognises the capacity of the Sheffield CTRU for conducting and delivering high quality research projects and clinical trials required by the NIHR.