Chloe Thomas


Research Assistant

University of Sheffield
Regent Court, 30 Regent Street
Sheffield, S1 4DA

Office: Ground floor open plan

Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 0785
Fax: (+44) (0114) 222 0749


ORCiD: 0000-0001-8704-3262


I joined HEDS in January 2014 as an assistant modeller, following a 13 year career in biomedical research. I completed a BSc in Genetics in 1999 and followed this with a PhD in 2003, both from the University of Sheffield, before working at the University of Nice, France and the department of Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield. I am currently studying part-time for the HEDM MSc run by ScHARR.

I have worked on a series of public health-related modelling projects; in particular the School for Public Health Research (SPRH) diabetes model, which is a policy model designed to evaluate a wide range of type-2 diabetes prevention interventions. In addition to public health, my research interests include combining my modelling expertise with my genetics/biomedical science background to model the cost-effectiveness of genetic screening programmes, genomics and novel biologic treatments.

Key Publications

  • Kruger, J., Brennan, A., Strong, M., Thomas, C ., Norman, P. & Epton, T. (2014) The cost-effectiveness of a theory-based online health behaviour intervention for new university students: an economic evaluation. BMC Public Health 14:1011. Full Text

Extended list of publications

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