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AdEPT:Understanding and Preventing the Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies

Literature Review

This work package has two aspects to it.

For the first aspect we are carrying out a systematic review of the qualitative research studies that have explored and reported psychotherapy service users' adverse experiences of psychotherapy. This work is being synthesised using a process known as Task Analysis, that will help us develop a model of both the types of adverse effects produced by psychotherapy as well as the processes that lead up to them.

The second aspect of the work package is looking at psychotherapy service users' self-reported experiences of the adverse effects of psychotherapy, outside of qualitative research studies. Here we are looking at discussion boards, blogs, articles, reports, and book chapters for the data. As for the first part of the work package the data is being synthesised and a model developed using Task Analysis.

Once the work package is complete we will have a better understanding of the therapy events that lead up to adverse effects, the types of adverse effects that occur and how they are experienced and expressed by psychotherapy service users.

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