Science@Sheffield Seminar Series

A new series of online seminars created by the Faculty of Science team. These will be accessible seminars about how our science can address global challenges, presented by exceptional University of Sheffield researchers. For any enquiries please contact:

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Join seminars live and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our scientists.

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1pm, 13th May

Dr Elena Rainero

 Breast Cancer Cells Using Unconventional Nutrient Sources to Sustain Their Growth

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1pm, 13th May

Dr Ian Sudbery

Deciphering the vocabulary and grammar of the mRNA language to improve mRNA therapeutics

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Recorded seminars

Access our archive of previously recorded online seminars by clicking the links below. 

Addressing the global challenges to delivering sustainable food production

Professor Sue Hartley

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Democratising single-molecule FRET for dynamic structural biology

Dr Timothy D. Craggs

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It's quantum biology Jim, but not as we know it!

Professor Graham J. Leggett

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Atomically thin two-dimensional materials beyond graphene

Professor Alexander Tartakovskii  

Watch online

Converting red light to blue: Understanding energetic up and down conversion in organic semiconductors

Dr Jenny Clark

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Air pollution mitigation: From farming with rocks to community-led urban projects

Dr Maria Val Martin

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The hidden potential of urban horticulture

Dr Jill Edmondson

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Antimicrobial resistance and host-pathogen interactions

Dr Claire Turner and Professor Jim Thomas 

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Looking at the dark side of matter with the Large Hadron Collider

Professor Davide Costanzo

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Metal-organic nanosheets: Programmable two-dimensional materials

Dr Jonathan A. Foster

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