Safety advice for Staff

General tips for staying safe whilst working, when leaving buildings and when travelling to, from or on campus.

  • Dark nights are drawing in and personal safety will be a concern to some.
  • Please take on board the following safety advice, when walking around the University Estate, Campus, Residences, and local area staying alert is the best defence and be confident even if you don’t feel it, avoid taking shortcuts through back alleys, parks, or waste grounds.
  • Where possible, stick to pavements and well-lit areas.
  • Stay with friends, never walk home alone if possible and vary your route, if you don’t want to walk pre-book a licensed taxi.
  • If you feel threatened or in danger at any point, then please report the incident to the security team and the police.
  • Please can we ask when leaving your place of work a clear desk policy is implemented.  
  • Do not leave any items unattended and on show, ensure all  windows and doors are left secure and when the last person has vacated the building, please ensure alarms are set.
  • If you observe any windows / doors open on any buildings or premises that shouldn’t be or anything suspicious then please remember that all incidents on campus and residences again should be reported in the first instance to Security Control via the blue non urgent button on the SafeZone app or on our 24-hour line: 0114 222 4085.  For emergencies use the RED button on SafeZone or call 0114 222 4444.

Contact us

In case of emergency call: +44 114 222 4444

In non-emergencies: +44 114 222 4085