Visiting Scholar Alan Garrow announces his lecture

agAlan Garrow announces his lecture 'An Extant Instance of Q' at SIIBS for 2015.

Is there a missing text behind the Gospels?

For almost two hundred years, scholars have suspected that both Matthew and Luke used a lost collection of Jesus’ sayings – which they call ‘Q’. Since 1983 an international team of scholars has been working to reconstruct this intriguing missing document. But what if part of this text is already available – in a form that confounds previous assumptions?

Garrow believes that an example of ‘Q’ is, after all, extant – in an ancient Christian document discovered in Constantinople in 1873.

Alan will be explaining the story of the text behind the Gospels in ‘An Extant Instance of ‘Q’’ on Monday 13th April, 2015, 2-4pm Jessop Exhibition Space.

(This presentation is part of the programme of SIIBS Research Seminars).

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