SIIBS collaboration presented at major UK conference

Our PhD student Robin Hamon has collaborated with Camilla Allen, PhD student of the Department of Landscape, to conduct innovative new research on the life of early environmentalist Richard St. Barbe Baker and his interpretation of the Bible.

Baker led a fascinating life; he wrote over 30 books and numerous articles, founded the International Tree Foundation, and is most well known for his audacious vision - he proposed a 30 mile deep plantation of trees on the border of the Sahara desert to combat desertification. Camilla has accessed the Baker Papers, the largest collection of materials from Baker's life, which is held at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Throughout this body of work, Baker frequently cites and interprets biblical texts. Robin and Camilla have been researching Baker's use of the Bible and on Friday 8 September will be presenting their findings at ASLE UKI; the premier national conference for the study of literature and the environment.