The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew now indexed

Sheffield Phoenix Press announces a new 834-page volume, enhancing the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (DCH), the standard dictionary of ancient Hebrew edited by David J.A. Clines, Professor Emeritus and SIIBS member.

Unlike most dictionaries in English, which have no English–Hebrew index, DCH 9 shows at a glance all the Hebrew words that are translated with the same English word, e.g. arrogance 10 Hebrew words, arrow 7, assembly 10, band 9, basket 9, bend 10, branch 23, break 21.

Click here for a sample page of the Index, and also of the Word Frequency Table, listing the 12,034 Hebrew words in the Dictionary according to the number of times they are used in ancient Hebrew; here you can see the 35 most common words in Hebrew: Yahweh, son, Israel, day, God, land, man, king, house, people, are the most common nouns (notice any gender bias?).