SIIBS announce 25 new memebrs

The Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) are pleased to announce 25 new members of the institute.

Director of SIIBS and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield Dr Katie Edwards said;

"I am thrilled to welcome our new members to SIIBS, those from respected insitutions in the UK and those who join us from esteemed international institutions. We're excited to work with academics doing such innovative research and we anticipate many fruitful collaborations.  Our new members come from a wide variety of backgrounds which will strengthen our commitment to being truly interdisciplanary and will bring a wealth of expertise and experience which will benefit and enrich SIIBS here at the University of Sheffield."

5 new members are from the University of Sheffield, they include Dr Naomi Hetherington (Department for Lifelong Learning), Dr Themesa Neckles (School of Education), Dr Amber Regis (School of English), Dr Charlotte Steenbrugge (School of English), Imam Sheikh Mohammad Ismail (Muslim Chaplain), Dr Graham Williams (School of English).

The new external members are from a number of other insitutions, they include Dr Shayna Sheinfeld (Centre College), Professor Heather McKay (Edge Hill), Dr Megan Goodwin (Bates College), Dr Matthew Coomber (St Ambrose University), Dr Jenn Cianca (Bishops University), Revd Dr Jennifer Cooper (Mirfield), Fr. Peter Allan (Mirfield), Dr Jessica M. Keady (University of Chester), Dr Dawn Llewelyn (University of Chester), Dr Frederick Tappenden (McGill University), Dr Madhavi Nevader (St Andrews), Dr Sara Parks (McGill University), Dr Kelly J. Murphy (Central Michigan University), Professor Thomas Bolin (St. Norbert College), Dr Mika Ahuvia (University of Washington), Dr Robert H. von Thaden, Jr. (Mercyhurst University), Dr Caroline T. Schroeder (University of the Pacific), Dr Janet Spittler (University of Virginia) and Dr Gisela H. Kreglinger (St Andrews).