Everything I learned, I learned from Telly


On Friday the 27th of January, PhD candidate Jo Henderson-Merrygold and Admissions tutor Minna Shkul organised an outreach day for nine sixth form students . Our undergraduate ambassadors, Hannah Coleman and Catherine Kennedy, put together a blog post about the event.

Lucy Skerratt, another PhD student provided additional support and photography throughout the event. The students, from Barnsley college, were studying A-Level Classics, Ethics, and Philosophy, in addition to more traditional subjects such as English and History.

The students first listened to Jo’s lecture on the Bible in TV, such as Genesis references in the programme Lucifer. Over the course of the day the students had various fun opportunities to explore their own knowledge of biblical imagery in popular culture and they also had a chance to articulate and evaluate arguments in small groups. These fun activities included using publicity images from popular television series to construct a mood boards which resulted in some brilliant connections and ideas being made (insert pictures here). Additionally, the A-Level students used evaluation and analysis techniques as we would use in our own studies to engage with the character of ‘Belle’ in Once Upon a Time. There was plenty of hands-on involvement with our student groups which was great to see.


Through the activities and discussion with us, the student Ambassadors, the sixth-formers gained an insight into how students at university work, both in note taking and in group tasks, they learnt some new academic vocabulary and they were able to experience what university study involves, and how others have adapted to it successfully – something some of the visitors were surprised to realise was quite within their reach. They also realised that studying Religion means that individual interests can be explored such as feminism, social justice, and pop culture. Especially in an institute such as SIIBS.

We found that participation was enthusiastic, and it became clear that while many students arrived under the impression that they knew nothing about biblical scholarship, and that University was beyond them, this was far from the case. It certainly seemed to be a valuable day to all of us who attended.