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Find out what is happening at the Turner Museum of Glass. We have regular news updates and associated events at the Museum.

Below you will find details of any events taking place which we believe will be of interest to you. Please come back regularly to check.


Heritage Open Days 2023: 

Heritage Open Day

As one of the national Heritage Open Day events happening in September throughout the UK, the curator of the Turner Museum of Glass will be giving guided tours of the collection on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th September, hourly from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

For further information about the event:

Heritage Open Day

No need to book, just turn up at the Robert Hadfield Building, Floor E, Portobello Street, Sheffield S1 3JD at the allocated time slots. 

Temporary display of glass fragments from Louth Park Abbey, C13-15:

We are fortunate to have six fragments of window glass which were found during a late C19 excavation of the monastic church of Louth Park Abbey, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1139 in Lincolnshire. They were deposited during or soon after the dissolution of the abbey in 1536. 

These glass fragments are currently being researched by PhD candidate, Bronwen Stone from the Department of Archaeology at the university. Louth Park Abbey is one of the sites Bronwen is using towards her PhD research. The glass fragments are being displayed during September 2023 and for the Heritage Open Days. The pieces are good examples of C13-15 decoration for stained glass. 

Louth Park Abbey
Display of six glass fragments in the museum

Top row l-r

C15 - silver stain flower border

C15 - figurative, monk’s tonsure

C13 - stiff leaf grisaille

Bottom row l-r

C15 - complete quarry, shield (similar composition to datable, decorated C15 glasses

C14/15 - flashed red (terminus post quem 1385)

C15 - similar composition to datable decorated C15 glasses. Has a fire rounded edge indicative of broad/cylinder production

Image Recognition Mobile Application:

Some of our collections on display have more information available which you can discover through the mobile image recognition application called Lingar. Here, you can learn more about selected exhibits.

Lingar has now changed to Go MATR which can still be downloaded onto your mobile device (details below).


Download the Go MATR app before you visit the museum. As soon as you enter the museum, open the app which will identify where you are and link to the Turner Museum Sheffield.

Look out for the numbered labels with the Lingar logo (below) in the cases which you can also select from the list. This allows you to preview key items in the collection or see a record of what you have seen when visiting the Turner Museum of Glass in Sheffield.

Lingar App Logo

The information is available as text and spoken word.

Click here to download a pdf containing all the information about the objects available on the app.

Below is a short film explaining how to use the app in the Turner Museum of Glass. 

How to use the Lingar app in the Turner Museum of Glass

Below is a short film which takes you through the objects highlighted in the museum on the app.  

Look out for the Lingar logos to find more information using the app.

The Lingar app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Please look for Go MATR.