Rural development and Governance

Jiaxi Yang portrait
Jiaxi Yang
PhD student
Planning, people and place, Urban inequalities and social justice
The Implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy (RRS) and Its Impact to the Sustainable Development (SD) of Rural Villages in China.

Supervised by Dr Aidan While and Dr Madeleine Pill.

Jiaxi' s research focuses on rural development in China by exploring the implementation and impacts of Rural Revitalisation Strategy in rural villages from the perspective of sustainable development.

This research aims to investigate the opportunities and challenges for the rural revitalisation strategy, understand how this strategy is implemented via policy and planning projects to address social, economic and other development problems in the practices of rural villages in China. To establish inclusive communities and achieve long-term development in rural areas, it explores feasible and effective approaches to the key elements of rural development including rural governance, planning process.

In 2015, I graduated from Shanghai Normal University (SHNU), China, with a BAgr in horticulture.

Subsequently, I joined a research group from a university in Shanghai, China, and worked as a researcher for 2 years. Focusing on vertical greenery and urban planning, I was involved in a number of national and provincial research projects, and participated in academic exchanges at home and abroad.

In 2018, I studied for my master's degree in Urban Design and Planning at the University of Sheffield. I enjoy my study in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and decided to pursue my Ph.D. here. In 2020, I re-joined this department and started my Ph.D. programme with special attention to rural development in China.