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  • Pic1

    Alumni Month - MSc Prize Winners 2016

    ACSE alumni month continues and this week we bring you not one, not two, but four ACSE prize winners!

  • Cars

    Challenges and Innovations in Automotive Engineering Research

    This event is aimed at directors, managers and engineers engaged in automotive research and those wanting to know and have a say in its future direction.

  • NASA 2

    Alumni Month - My Journey to NASA

    March is ACSE alumni month, which means we will be sharing some amazing graduate profiles with you each week. We launch our Alumni month with a profile from Homayon Aryan who gained a PhD in Space Physics under Professor Balikhin. 

  • India Map

    ACSE Take’s a Trip to India

    Two ACSE academics have recently visited India to engage in a number of exciting events and conferences.

  • Swarm Robots

    Automatic Programming makes Swarm Robots safer and more reliable

    Dr Roderich Gross and his team from Sheffield Robotics have applied a novel method of automatically programming and controlling a swarm of up to 600 robots to complete a specified set of tasks simultaneously.

  • TUoS

    The University of Sheffield is No.32

    University of Sheffield named among best places to work in UK!

  • NSS

    The National Student Survey

    The National Student Survey is a high-profile census of nearly half a million students across the UK, which has been conducted annually since 2005.

  • Conor Harman

    UG Student Profile - Conor Harman

    As ACSE student month draws to a close, we have one final student profile to share with you. This one comes from undergraduate student Conor Harman, who is studying Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering.

  • Mohamed

    MEng Student Profile - Mohamed Marei

    Another week and another student profile. ACSE Student Month is still going strong and this week we have an exciting profile to share with you from Mohamed Marei, an MEng student in Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering.

  • 100Scholarships

    New PGT Scholarships Available

    Brand new Postgraduate Scholarships have now been launched at The University of Sheffield! 

  • UA Profile Picture

    MEng Student Profile - Umang Arora

    Week 2 of ACSE Student Month is here and we have another great profile to share with you. This week we spoke to Umang Arora who is studying for his MEng in Mechatronic a Robotic Engineering.

  • SG Profile Picture

    PhD Student Profile - Siung Ghai

    ACSE student month is here and to kick start proceedings is a great profile from one of our PhD students, Siung Ghai. Enjoy!

  • Green Impact Logo

    Green Impact News

     Feeling blue this January? Because we're feeling very green!

  • IET Logo

    IET Prize Winners

    As part of the TAROS 2015 Conference, the Robotics & Mechatronics TPN sponsored one of the prizes on the final day - and we were lucky enough to receive the winning prize!

  • Fly Brain

    PhD Position

    GPU-Accelerated Computational Modelling and Simulation of Large-scale Biologically Realistic Models of the Fruit Fly Brain.