My Year in Industry placement helped me to improve my knowledge of aviation systems, which will help with the aerospace module in my second semester.

Paul Ologeh YiI student profile image
Paul Ologeh
ACSE student
Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering with a Year in Industry MEng
My name is Paul Ologeh. I study Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering and I did a placement at GE Aviation Systems in Cheltenham. 

What was a typical day like?

My day in the office actually quite varied. I had a lot of freedom, which meant I was able to experience lots of different aspects of the role. I carried out research for a new test rig and worked with teams to deliver and develop products for our customers before specific deadlines. This freedom was great as I could engage in tasks and activities that I thought would best benefit me and that I felt could add value to the business. 

How do you think your Year in Industry will benefit your degree?

It has definitely helped improve my technical skills, things like programming and soldering and also my knowledge of aviation systems in general, especially as I'm doing an aerospace module in my second semester, this will be very beneficial. Gaining more knowledge of the way the aircrafts actually work will really help me in my degree. 

Did taking part in the Global Engineering Challenge and the Engineering You're Hired week help you prepare for your placement?

So I think the Global Engineering Challenge and the Engineering You're Hired week really helped test my skills in problem solving, working in teams and communication. Focusing on time management allowed me to think more clearly, which means my approach to problem solving is now a lot different and much more effective. 

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