I worked as a technology intern for Automation Consultants during placement

Saloni Hajare
Saloni Hajare
Technology Intern Placement
BEng Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry
Saloni chose Computer Systems Engineering and has enjoyed studying biomedical design and implants. She did an industrial placement year as a technology intern at Automation Consultants in the UK.
Saloni Hajare

"I chose Computer Systems Engineering because I was always interested in pursuing engineering, due to the problem-solving aspect and the ability to use my knowledge to build socially impactful solutions. Given that I loved all STEM subjects equally, it was hard for me to choose a course that integrated computer applications and coding, yet had a wider scope in the industry."

"In Computer Systems Engineering, there are a variety of fields that can be explored ranging from mechatronics to soft robotics to digital signal processing, each of which finds applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and automobile industry to name a few. The diversity, as well as the exceptional teaching and hands-on nature of the course, made ACSE at Sheffield an obvious undergraduate route to pursue."

"I have really enjoyed the hands-on assignments and lab work as well as the theoretical knowledge shared by the lecturers. A lot of our lecturers work closely with industries and able to help us better understand the state-of-the-art work in industries, as well as help us see the bigger context as to where our theoretical knowledge can be applied."

"I personally enjoy digital signal processing, system identification, biomedical design and implants, as well as intelligent system modules as I find their underlying theory interesting, as well as their broader applications in industries such as biomedical, aviation, and integration with AI, very intriguing."

"The labs and assignments form a great way to build problem-solving skills and test our understanding. Some of our projects are also team-based, which helps us as students become comfortable working in a team and learning from diverse perspectives, similar to a structure we would find in the industry."

Industrial Placement Year 

"I did my placement year at Automation Consultants (AC), a company based in Theale (near Reading). AC specialises in technical consultancy and is an Atlassian Platinum Partner, Monday.com Partner as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner."

"I worked in the consultancy department as a technology intern. The consultancy departments’ projects range from providing support to many Atlassian products (like Jira, Confluence, etc), assisting in infrastructure migrations and mergers, assisting with infrastructure and security setup and support for AWS, as well as providing expertise in the software lifecycle, DevOps and software testing (quality, integration, UAT, etc). The breadth of diverse projects, and opportunities to build technical expertise as well as the client-facing aspect of the role, was what interested me to join as a consultant at AC."

"During my placement, I worked on two infrastructure migration projects, which mainly focused on migrating and at times upgrading clients’ software from their initial infrastructure to a new setup. The most enjoyable part of my placement was working as a Systems and Integrations tester on a customer portal website for one of the UK's largest waste management companies."

"During this role, for the first time, learned to write test scripts, automation scripts as well as test scenarios and I was able to learn the importance of the difference in the level of detail when presenting data to a business vs presenting data to a group of technical experts."

"I worked alongside a test lead, whose feedback and review of my work helped me practice reflection and improve on my work. In addition to my expected work as a tester, I enjoyed analysing user stories and being able to spot gaps in user requirements - a skill I gained from my 2nd-year, Systems Design, and Software Engineering module.

"In addition to the technical skills, I was able to improve my communication skills, by contributing to team meetings consisting of developers and the business team. I think the technical skills, along with team working and soft skills which I was able to gain in the role alongside the satisfaction of being part of the project from its initial stage to the final go-live, was what made this role a memorable and enjoyable part of my placement."

Future career

"For my future career, I aspire to explore more aspects of the IT industry and I am keen to explore opportunities that would help me build my technical skills portfolio but also be client-facing in nature."

"I am considering pursuing roles in technical consultancy (similar to my placement role), data analysis as well as auditing and I am intrigued about how AI will differently shape the responsibilities and interactions in these roles."

"Through my final year project (in biomedical robotics) and choice of modules like the design of Biomedical devices and implants, I have also formed an affinity towards biomedical science and healthcare, and I am looking to pursue part-time/summer research opportunities before graduation to better understand the domain."

"I think it's exciting to know that there are so many cross-sections between technology and industries like healthcare, and finance which is why I would like to spend the next few years gaining as much exposure to different industries, before finally finding the field I would love to specialise in and then hopefully coming back to University life for a Masters or a PhD."

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