Charlie Gascoyne, Speech and Language Therapy

Charlie Gascoyne PGT Student
Charlie Gascoyne
Postgraduate student
MMedSci Speech and Language Therapy
“The most rewarding thing for me studying at Sheffield was the support of the university and how enjoyable it was working alongside a diverse group of people, who were all excellent at helping each other and sharing ideas to benefit the whole cohort” explains Charlie.
Charlie Gascoyne PGT Student

“Our whole speech and language therapy group were approachable and knowledgeable, and it gave me a real boost of confidence knowing I had people to rely on and turn to for advice and help when needed.”

Charlie is from Sheffield born and bred and is passionate about working and supporting within the community she loves. She graduated from our MMedSci Speech and Language Therapy programme in 2020.

She said, “The University has a fantastic reputation and the teaching as well as the facilities, lived up to this. Sheffield is such a bustling and innovative city, so it was a privilege to study and live here.”

“The course was very varied between theory and practice, and many different areas of the career were covered in good detail. My favourite thing was the placement opportunities the course has offered – I had a wide variety of experiences of clinical environments and this was so helpful for my practice.”

“My background could not be more different from what I’m doing now! I’m primarily a theatre person, and still get involved in different performance-based things outside of my studies. I knew I wanted to be a therapist of some description when I graduated from my Theatre and Performance undergrad, but speech therapy at the time was an unknown to me. As someone with ADHD, I worried the heavy nature of an academic course would be too much for me, but while I could see it was a full-time Postgraduate course, the Disability support offered by the university encouraged me to apply.”

As to what advice she'd give to prospective students, Charlie says, “My advice would be to get involved in as much extra and voluntary work as you can. I found it really rewarding to be able to hone my skills in voluntary clinics, but also to blow off steam at a club or activity outside of the course.”

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