AREC China: Unveiling ceremony for the Sino-British "One Belt, One Road" Advanced Resource Efficiency Research Centre

Members of AREC stood together

On December 20, 2018, the “One Belt, One Road” Capacity Cooperation Centre of the Zhongguancun Haixing Promotion Association  and AREC jointly established the Sino-British “Belt and Road” Advanced Resource Efficiency Research Centre; the unveiling ceremony was held at the Constellation Accelerator.

Pan Jian (Director of AREC China, Associate Dean of DRTT Research Institute), Yao Zhenlei (Director of Market Development Project of DRTT Research Institute), Yang Chengxiu (Secretary General of the Capacity Cooperation Centre), Deputy Secretary-General Meng Wei, Zhao Jianghe (Secretary-General of Zhongxingcun Haixing Strategic Emerging Industry Promotion Association) and Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Wei all attended the unveiling ceremony.

The UK is the first Western power to apply for the “One Belt, One Road” Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the second country to invest in the AIIB's special fund after China. In recent years, the Sino-British “Belt and Road” cooperation has been full of power, and has achieved “early harvest” in terms of policy communication, trade smoothness, infrastructure connectivity, capital finance, and personnel training.

Since the end of 2017, the British government has appointed the “Belt and Road” special envoy to set up an expert council to announce the support of the £25 billion “Belt and Road” Asian project. In the future, the two countries will expand their cooperation in terms of scale and level together with a wider scope in the field of “Belt and Road”.

In this context, the establishment of the Sino-British “Belt and Road” Advanced Resource Efficiency Research Centre has far-reaching significance.

The future centre will rely on the park space and industrial resources of the “One Belt, One Road” capacity cooperation centre of the Zhongguancun Haixing Promotion Association, and actively promote the joint innovation of Sino-British science and technology through activities such as research cooperation, international science and technology innovation forum, doctoral workstations, and international roadshows.

The transformation of international scientific and technological achievements is committed to building the centre into a Sino-British cooperation centre for science and technology innovation and a platform for international high-end talent exchange.

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