About us

The Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (AREC) is a facility to promote the collaboration between industry and academia


AREC provides a platform for access to policymakers in order to meet the challenge of promoting resource efficiency and sustainability across supply chains.

AREC supports the development of resource sustainable supply chains by proposing new ways of reducing risk for partners in overcoming the challenges of resource availability.

Through AREC, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can join in collaboration with larger industrial partners and benefit from cutting edge academic research and skills.

This provides the mechanism for achieving the aims of the UK Government and EU policy, in supporting an environment in which the 4.8 million UK-based SMEs can flourish with their supply chains in Europe and internationally.

AREC has the infrastructure in place to work in partnership with industry to address world challenges in supply chain resource sustainability, focussing on four key areas: advanced materials and manufacturing, energy and nuclear; water; and agritech and food.

AREC has strong backing from key stakeholders and is aligned with key Government policies and innovation capabilities.

What can AREC offer to partners?

  • Short and long term innovation
  • Access to cutting edge development
  • World leading expertise in academia and industry
  • Collaborative and joint capability
  • Branding and CSR
  • Access to funding
  • Access to skills
  • Access to facilities

A global reputation

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